Dre’s 2015 Moto3 Season Review

“Rule Britannia.” Moto3 has almost always been the series for entertainment, and this season didn’t disappoint in that regard. It was a tale of two seasons in one, for me, as Danny Kent would dominate [...]

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Has Moto2 Jumped The Shark?

“Keeping Up With the Zarco's.” It’s been an interesting couple of years in MotoGP’s lower classes, with a lot to be admired. I’ve always argued that Marc Marquez has been the spearhead for a new [...]

Dre Harrison2017-04-23T12:50:59+01:00August 28th, 2015|Blogs|

The Conundrum Of 52

“Brighter prospects incoming for MotoGP's next 52?" Danny Kent has been one of the real surprises of the entire Motorsport world this season. Danny has always been a good rider. He was a top-tier Moto3 [...]

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Dre’s 2015 MotoGP German Grand Prix Review

“Welcome back, Marc Marquez.” It’s about damn time, #93! Welcome back to the MotoGP Race Review series, and for Round 9 of the Championship, MotoGP headed to the Sachsenring in Germany, as Marc Marquez continued [...]

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