Opinion Pieces

The Ferrari Narcotic

Four rounds into 2017 and Sebastian Vettel still leads the Championship. Dre blogs a bit about the nature of Ferrari’s turnaround and the passionate brand being a catalyst for it all.

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Dre's Newswipe

Newswipe #9: BBC’s SPOTY Entitlement, F1 on 4?!

Me talking about BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year and why we need to stop expecting Lewis Hamilton to do our dirty work, and the news of the BBC dropping F1 as Channel 4 take up the reigns. Yikes.

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Opinion Pieces

Mercedes’ Dirty Secret

Commenting on the mass realization that Mercedes are super-conservative, only because the victim’s changed.

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Season Reviews

Dre’s 2015 Moto3 Season Review

“Rule Britannia.” Moto3 has almost always been the series for entertainment, and this season didn’t disappoint in that regard. It was a tale of two…

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