“Lorenzo breaks his duck in an all-time classic 800th race.”

Actual words said by me during this race: “THIS IS AWESOME. THIS IS EPIC, I AM GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK!”

This was an Estoril 2006. A Jerez 2005. One for the ages, and we’ve been spoilt enough this season for some incredible racing, but this takes the cake. The MotoGP race at the top was as good as anything you’ll see in Motorsport this year, and maybe even this decade. It was carnage and I have NO IDEA how I’m going to break it all down… But god help me, I will try!

Lorenzo finally triumphs in a tactical war

Props to Jorge Lorenzo. He’s been grafting the whole season and coming back from the surgeries and the bike that wasn’t suiting him and is once again, starting to turn up the wick in the second half of the season. He was fighting with the Repsol’s all race long, to the surprise of everyone given how strong a Honda track on paper, Aragon is supposed to be.

As the rain came down, Marquez let Lorenzo through to let him be the guinea pig for the damp conditions, but Lorenzo let Marquez back through before pitting first for the wet condition bikes, as rivals were dropping all around him, Dovizioso and Iannone wrecking their new Ducati GP 14.2’s in the process as they got caught out by the wet astroturf, Valentino Rossi following suit, taking a nasty concussion in the process.

Pedrosa and Marquez kept going, but Pedrosa hit the deck under braking for Turn 1, Marquez going at a Snail’s Pace with the faster wet running bikers going faster and faster, like Lorenzo, and Aleix Espargaro, the first one to change for a wet bike – A gamble that would pay off down the road.

Marquez still went on strong, but with 3 laps to go, he finally went down with his cold tyres, but amazingly, he got back up, changed bikes, and still finished in 13th place, ahead of Pedrosa, and thus, extending his Championship lead. Only Marquez huh?

But it was Jorge Lorenzo who outsmarted his rivals and took his 32nd top class victory, and his first win in 15 races,