Episode #465: Buy Or Sell – The 2023 F1 Mid-Season Review

Because we really didn’t want to spend an hour saying: “Verstappen’s great.” Welcome back to Motorsport101…

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Sorry this was a little late, editor Dre’s been ill for a little bit with a chest infection! But here’s a mid-season F1 review, but not as we know it!

It was RJ’s idea to have a special buy-or-sell edition of an F1 mid-season review! Because saying Max Verstappen wins, lol for 50 minutes wouldn’t be very interesting! So we came up with a bunch of semi-interesting F1 takes and Dre and RJ would decide what to buy and what to sell on the statement.

There’s some fun ones in there! Such as:
– “The team with the greatest upside in the Formula One paddock, right now, is Williams Racing.”
– “Nico Hulkenberg is a Driver of the Year contender.”
– “Who cares if Formula 1’s surge of fan interest is waning after the DTS boom or that American interest has peaked? The sport has thrived through the strength of its hardcore fans, not its casual supporters, and has done so without any significant American presence for years – F1 doesn’t need any of it in the future.”

See what we mean? Dre and RJ review F1 in 2023 so far in a mid-season review special!

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