Episode #412: The 2022 Motorsport101 Awards Show

It’s that time again! Hold onto your melons, its the 7th Motorsport101 Awards!

It’s the most, wonderful time of the year. The time when we all gather around in a circle and get our (Golden) cocks out.

I kid, but it is award season again! The 7th Motorsport101 Awards is here for 2022, and it is a bit of a down year for Motorsport in general, to be honest. But we still made the best of it and gave some awards to celebrate the best, and worst of the sport this year!

From renaming a beloved award to “The Golden Melon” for Ross Chastain’s Martinsville heroics, to IndyCar’s marketing department getting a participation trophy for just… being there.

Does Ferrari or Zak Brown win the infamous Golden Cock for services in harming Motorsport? And who wins a surprisingly hotly contested rider of the year award? All that and so much more broken down in a 100-minute special edition of Motorsport101!

PS: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here on the show, we got one more show to go before we wrap up 2022, so check back next week. I hear a certain Top 50 just got released…

PPS: No, that picture for the episode isn’t fake, it really IS a Golden spray-painted cockerel, and we really did give it to McLaren. Listen in for more on how this all happened…

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