“Williams put on a show… by refusing to win.”



Hey guys, Dre here again, and it’s time to head home for Round 9 of the Formula 1 World Championship as Silverstone hosted 140,000 mad British fans, and did we get a treat or what! A race with a little bit of everything as the rain came down to add a real sense of drama, alongside a start of the decade contender from Felipe Massa and Nico Hulkenberg as all hell broke loose in the early going, as a chink was exposed in Mercedes near flawless armour, but Williams threw it all away. Twice. But how did Sebastian Vettel get back on the podium? That and more in this manic, British Grand Prix Review!

Right From The Off

Remember how many have spun the “Hamilton/Clutch” start issue out of proportion going in to the weekend? Well, it must be a virus, as both Mercedes and both Ferrari’s got off to awful starts off the line, with the big winners being the Williams of Massa and Bottas, as Felipe shot off to a 0.8 second lead after the opening lap… after starting 3rd! Nico Hulkenberg might have gotten an even better launch to take him up to 5th ahead of both Ferrari’s slightly further back.

The early stages of the race had a very “Hungary 2014” vibe to it. With Felipe and Val battling at the front and Val unable to pass his teammate, the Mercedes were breathing down their necks, but unable to make a pass due to that Williams dirty air, making their cars super difficult to pass. This isn’t the first time this has happened to the Mercedes this season. Remember Catalunya and Hamilton spending the first 30 laps stuck behind Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari? Same deal here. It seems the Mercedes is designed to lead from the front, but if they are behind a car in the same kind of ballpark in terms of speed, they can’t seem to make a pass stick. *insert call 217 for Ground Effects aero here*

But with the pit stops approaching, everything changed…

A Game of Strategy

You know nothing,