“Now guaranteed to be 100% LESS awkward than an Nelson Piquet ‘Interview’.”

Hey folks, Dre here again, in the first part of what’s going to be an exceptionally busy few weeks here, with the Podcast debuting very soon on here, as well as the doubleheader on Sunday with F1, and MotoGP to get through, so y’know, bear with me.

So, Brazil then. This time, Nico Rosberg showed FINALLY showed he CAN beat Lewis Hamilton head-to-head around Interlagos, but is it too little, too late? Felipe Massa wins the best of the rest award again, despite his speeding in the pit-lane, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel had really solid days at the office again while Daniel Ricciardo’s luck finally ran out, and good GOD, Nelson Piquet sucks as an Interviewer. Could you tell it wasn’t a particularly exciting race?

Too Little, Too Late for #6?

Poor Nico Rosberg. If he done in Brazil what he did in America, there’d only be a 10 point gap going into Brazil and I’d actually have a half decent reason to care about the finale. (13 or less is really the magic number here), but let’s give him his props where its due, Nico Rosberg was perfect out there yesterday. A picture perfect drive from start to finish, and to his credit, he HAD to step his game up yesterday, or else his Championship was effectively over.

And unlike so many occasions this season where Rosberg’s cracked and he’s rolled over for the aggressive and slightly faster Hamilton, he led from the front from start to finish, and despite Hamilton making up for his spin and closing in, he couldn’t seal the deal and Rosberg drove flawlessly to keep Lewis behind for that last, painstaking 19 lap final stint.

It may be too little, too late with Nico, all Hamilton needs to do is follow Nico round to win the Championship in Abu Dhabi by 3 points, but a valiant effort nonetheless. If Nico has, or had any chance of taking the title, a day like this ALWAYS needed to happen. Better late than never, right?

Pirelli lose in the tug of war again

I feel genuinely sorry for Pirelli in their camp, they get caught in such an awful power struggle between the fans, who demand entertainment and to make the tyres showbizzy, but not TOO