“The Rufea Gang completes the sweep.”

And now, part 2 of another MotoGP and F1 double header, as the MotoGP Season of 2014, came to a dramatic close in Valencia to wrap up the year. And on it, we had a slippery Marc Marquez make history and take a record-breaking 13th victory of the year, with Valentino Rossi cementing 2nd in the Championship with another exceptional ride. Further down the order, Tito Rabat giftwrapped Thomas Luthi an early Christmas present to close the year, and in the Moto3 Title Decider, Jack Miller won the battle, but it was Alex Marquez that would win the war.

All that, and more in the FINAL MotoGP Race Review of 2014…*sniffs*

Alex Marquez 278, Jack Miller, 276

Yes, I’m starting with Moto3 for the first time ever on here, because dammit, it deserves some love. This was the real main event of the Valencia weekend, and when the dust settled, Jack Miller could do no more, taking his 5th win of the season, but it was 18-year old Alex Marquez who had done just enough in 3rd place, to take his first MotoGP World Championship, and the Moto3 crown for 2014.

It was another wild race in the division, 6+ bikes all challenging, Jack Miller and the surprising Issac Vinales leading the charge, with Alex Marquez, Alex Rins, Efren Vazquez, pole sitter Niccolo Antonelli and Danny Kent all getting in the mix, Kent even having the chance to end Marquez’s dream up the hill into the penultimate corner before having a wobble and ending his hopes.

Obviously, Alex Marquez will take the majority of the credit and he absolutely deserves it, but let’s give a salute to Jack Miller as well, who very nearly recovered a 25 point deficit with his back to the wall, in just three rounds, and rode his HEART out to take that win. His final three races with KTM were outstanding and a testament to just how good this kid is.

And for all those who were spiteful over him not being the greatest of sports over missing out on a World Championship by 2 points… Look at yourself in your mirror. Can you genuinely say you’d be all sporting and humble in defeat? I know I wouldn’t. Much has been made of Jack Miller’s attitude this season, but the one thing we all seem to love about athletes, honesty, always seems to be overlooked. Now, I’m now applauding this, but let’s be real here, I know half the people reading this post, would be exactly the same.

Congratulations to both Alex Marquez and Jack Miller for being incredible talents and providing a brilliant Championship that went all the way to the final lap. And trust me, with Alex Marquez, the sky really is the limit.

Lucky 13 for the OTHER Magnificent Marquez

In the final MotoGP race of the season, it was Marc Marquez, who recovered from a qualifying crash and his worst grif start of the season in 5th, came through the field, on a track that had variable conditions, and would go on to take a record breaking 13th victory of 2014, a feat that has never been accomplished before.

(And before anyone tries to give me the Julian Ryder argument of “Mick Doohan did his 12 in 15”, I respond with, “Yeah, but who did he beat?” Back then, Honda was the DOMINANT bike, winning every GP on the calendar, and the only people to beat Doohan that year, was Criville