“You know, besides Hamilton vs Rosberg.”

Hey folks, Dre here again. A surprisingly entertaining Monaco Grand Prix this past weekend, way more so than the usual 78 lap procession through the streets of Monte Carlo. We had some passing, some drama, yet more developments in Hamilton vs Rosberg: The Blood Feud that refuses to die, more issues for the reigning Champion, Jules Bianchi’s superhuman drive to get Marussia’s first points in Formula 1, and the woes of being Sauber. Welcome, to Dre’s five thoughts, on the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix.


Hamilton vs Rosberg – The Story Of 2014?

Hamilton vs Rosberg 2
Better get used to this one folks, this isn’t going to go away any time soon. When you have a car under your wings that is the most dominant in terms of pure performance for the better part of 25 years, simply put, this is what’s going to be spoken about. Even more so now that this seems to be the weekend where frustrations boiled over, and previous information we didn’t know before, came to light – Such as Rosberg and Hamilton both using engine maps they weren’t supposed to in desperate attempts to beat the over in Spain.

Now, I’ve spoken enough about what I thought of the qualifying incident and their relationship, in the race, for the first 80%, it was pretty much by the book. Rosberg kept the lead into Turn 1 and Hamilton was always there waiting for a mistake that simply wasn’t there. The dirt in the eye visor with about 15 laps to go effectively ended the race from a competitive standpoint.

Rosberg BADLY needed this win, given the ominous feeling in the air that Hamilton may just run away with the season if he can beat Rosberg at both his best tracks, and it was the perfect time to stop his four race winning streak, and re-take control of the Driver’s Championship. And he needs to keep the momentum going with two of Lewis’s strongest tracks right around the corner in Canada and Britain coming up in 2 of the next 3 rounds.

As for the post-race? What was there to say, no handshake, or anything. I feel disappointed that Lewis didn’t in my eyes, do the right thing and shake the man’s hand. Even when Vettel and Webber were at their worst, 99% of the time they left their disputes on the track. Nico apologized the day before for something he didn’t even really

have to say sorry for, and Lewis cold-cutting him (in my eyes) was just wrong. But hey, I’m no psychologist, let’s see what happens in Canada when the heat dies down a little. But the contrast of Rosberg’s: “We’ll always be friends”, and Hamilton’s “We’re not friends, we’re colleagues”, paints its own picture.

Jules Bianchi
Jules Bianchi and Marussia make history

Way to freaking go, Jules Bianchi and Marussia! Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good, and Bianchi keeping out of trouble, concentrating and not making errors like others did, can sometimes reap the rewards when crazy stuff happens around you. A truly superhuman drive to take that Marussia to 8th place on track, and 9th after the penalty. And Jules needed a result, especially given Max Chilton’s improvement this season so far. Even if he still has the

whiff of the pay driver about him.

But after 45 races, Marussia get not only 1, but 2 points… It’s like the London buses, you wait a long time and two come along at once! John Booth and the team have worked so hard to for this moment and to see the other teams go down and congratulate them for it was awesome. It’s nice to see that behind a lot of the political and media induced drama that this sport can have, that sometimes, there can be a bit of positivity and Marussia getting points was a true feel good moment for me as a fan, and for the sport as a whole.

Sutil Crash
In contrast… Pour one out for Sauber

How must it feel if you’re in the Sauber camp, knowing you’ve fallen so far that Marussia, the consensus worst team in the field, who went 44 straight races without scoring, now has more points than you?!

It’s been a mess of a season so far for Sauber, and it seemed like they were gonna break their duck here until Esteban Gutiérrez hit the wall from 9th. The team losing Nico Hulkenberg has been, as predicted, a body blow for the team, as they seem to have lost that sparkle, that talent that could take a mediocre car beyond its expectations.

The car is slow, and a combination of reliability and driver errors means the team has the

worst finishing rate of anyone in the entire field so far this season, with both cars failing to finish in Monaco due to driver errors, their 3rd double retirement of the season. And in a critical year with the team under severe financial pressure to survive, these results cannot be a good sign.

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco
Let’s give Daniel Ricciardo some praise

Seriously, how good has Daniel Ricciardo been? Yes, Vettel’s had some awful luck, and he was only really close to Hamilton due to the “dirt” in his eye, but the Australian just keeps going from strength to strength. A shame he wasn’t able to pass Hamilton for 2nd place in the end, but another 3rd takes his tally to 54 points and for me, he’s been the driver of the season so far.

It was obvious from testing that Mercedes were going to be in front from the get go, but I don’t think anyone expected Ricciardo to be this good from the outset. Maybe that’s why he’s been so good – He’s had absolutely no pressure on him from Day 1, and has surprised so many in just 6 races with the team, even beating World Champion; Sebastian Vettel on multiple occasions. Daniel Ricciardo has been a breath of fresh air to have at the top of the field, and his season so far is as good, if not better than anyone’s so far, and he deserves some real credit for that.

Surprise! A Monaco GP that didn’t suck!

Am I the only one that thought “Hooray, a race at Monaco that WASN’T a procession?” My recent memory of Monaco barely stretches back to 2010 and from what I can remember, they were all relative processions. 2011 had an interesting premise but the

Petrov Red Flag killed that one right at the climax.

It was nice to see that drivers were willing to take risks and gamble around Monaco, being aggressive enough to go for passes and it added a lot of extra entertainment. It wasn’t just good for a

Monaco Grand Prix, it was good in general.

Tell me what you thought about Monaco in the comments, I love hearing your take as always!

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