“Remember when Jorge Lorenzo was REALLY good?”

Hey folks, Dre here, back from a Haven holiday just by the Thames. Hooray for sea breezes and no Internet. Now, I’ve seen all three races from MotoGP’s Italian Grand Prix, I can finally write about it on here, and boy was it a thriller!

Jorge Lorenzo FINALLY showed some of his 2013 form his fans so desperately craved, Marc Marquez once again showed why he’s World Champion, and Valentino Rossi celebrated his 300th Grand Prix with a podium in his home GP! But let’s break it all down right here!


Marquez vs Lorenzo: No Holds Barred!

If Marc Marquez has just ONE chink in his armour, it’s that he isn’t a particularly good starter. And it shows, because it’s one of Lorenzo’s strongest assets, and the main part of his strategy. Jump 2-3 guys off the line, take the lead, and push hard, early to try and try and manage his tyres to a consistent pace to get the win.

To be honest, in the middle of the race when Marquez was reeling in Lorenzo, I thought it would be a matter of Marquez passing him when he felt like it and pushing on for victory, in a similar vein to Argentina, especially when he finally pulled the pin with 7 laps or so to go. But Lorenzo put up a brilliant fight, breaking stupidly late into Turn 1, and Lorenzo passing at the Sector 3 hairpin just two of the highlights of what was – without a doubt, the best fight of the season so far. And something that was probably necessary for a LOT of casual fans who had gotten a little bit bored of Marquez destroying the entire field.

And it was wonderful to see Jorge Lorenzo’s 2013 form come back to him this weekend, something he badly needed to find with him already so far back. Jorge in this kind of form is about the only rider that even has a shot of taking Marquez down in a straight dogfight, and even then, you’d still favour MM93 8 times out of 10. But at the front, once again, Marquez is re-writing the rule book. A clutch pass on Jorge on the final lap, and then not giving Jorge an INCH on that final lap was reminiscent of Qatar in a similar fight with Valentino.

When the hammer drops, Marquez just has that little bit more. It may be boring to some, but he’s providing more entertainment than any other rider has this season, and is just continuing to make history with his 6th win in a row. Just how far can he take this streak? Who knows, The Undertaker may have competition…

Rossi 300
Valentino Rossi: 300 but DEFINITELY Not Out

Congratulations to Valentino Rossi on his 300th Grand Prix, and another well deserved podium in front of the incredible Italian fans, who idolize him there. Sadly, he just didn’t quite have the speed to match the front two, but his 3rd has now moved him to 2nd in the Championship, 1 point ahead of Dani Pedrosa.

Okay, Confession #2 of this blog – After last season, I thought this year would be Rossi’s last. He looked like he was close to being done, and his speed was declining. But he’s been consistently up there every GP, has scored multiple podiums, and even challenged for a win so far this season. And the fact he’s still doing this after 300 GP’s and at 35 years old is a testament to just how incredible a rider this man is.