This Ferrari F1 Reserve Has Made A Rap Single And We Don’t Hate It

Originally for WTF1 in July 2023, Dre wrote about Ferrari reserve driver Robert Shwartzman writing a rap single. Seriously.

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Read time: 2 mins

Not going to lie to you readers, this is probably the strangest headline I’ve had since joining WTF1. But yes, your eyes aren’t tricking you, former Ferrari Academy star and ex-F2 racer Robert Shwartzman has released a rap single given his erm… lighter racing schedule.

Sadly, in his prime, Robert was in a congested Ferrari academy setup, with Mick Schumacher winning the F2 title in 2020 to head into Haas, and Callum Illot, who moved to IndyCar with Juncos Hollinger Racing. Robert’s now in GT Cars, representing Ferrari via AF Corse in the GT World Challenge.

And given the extra downtime, he’s released a Rap Single called “Active”, under his new nickname of “Shwartzy”. D’aww. You can listen to it on Spotify if you’re that way inclined.

My verdict? Honestly… don’t hate it. Yeah, it’s not really high-level rap (Not even close) – It reminds me a lot of when the Sidemen  (The UK’s massive group of former FIFA YouTubers who make lifestyle blogs nowadays) got into that trend of making diss tracks a few years back. The autotune is definitely helping, but overall… it’s not dreadful. Nowhere near as bad as some other athletes attempt to dabble in Music in their downtime. If anyone makes me listen to Jacques Villeneuve’s Private Paradise again, I will fight them.

Be sure you stay… ahem… “Active” during the British GP Weekend. *is dragged off the stage*

Did you enjoy “Active”? Let us know in the comments. 

About the Author:

Dre Harrison

Somehow can now call himself a Production Coordinator at the Motorsport Network, coming off the back of being part of the awkward Johto Era at WTF1. All off a University Project that went massively out of hand. Weird huh?

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