Episode #365: 2022 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix Report

Team orders? At Red Bull? NEVER… Welcome back, to Motorsport101…

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We’re catching up with shows over the next few days, and first up, the 2022 Spanish grand Prix for Formula 1, and it was a newsworthy and actually somewhat interesting edition of the series at Catalunya.

At the front, it was a war of attrition. A massivbe gust of wind (No, Nico Rosberg), blew over the track and put Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen in the gravel early doors. But Max would climb back to 3rd, until a DRS wing failure caused him to be stuck behind George Russell for multiple laps… until Charles Leclerc’s power unit fails from a 14 second lead. Ouch.

Max would then win but not via a controversial and maybe somewhat unnecessary team orders call from Red Bull to swap him, and then race leader Sergio Perez. Right call? Wrong call? We debate that and the Ferrari’s shortcomings in depth.

We also talk Mercedes and their upgrades. Porpoising be gone, but they still aren’t that fast. We think. It doesn’t help that Lewis Hamilton was put in the gravel on the opening lap thanks to a marginal clash between him and Kevin Magnussen. Can the Mercs make a comeback? We discuss that too!

And we also give credit to guys like Fernando Alonso coming from the back to 9th. Even if its concerning that they’re taking engine penalties 6 rounds into a 22 race season.

All that and more on Motorsport101, the Indy 500 is next!

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