Episode #336: The 2021 F1 Season Review

It’s a Review of that amazing season of TV with the crappy ending. Welcome back, to Motorsport101.

A 10/10 season with a 2/10 ending. Formula 1 in 2021 might as well have been the Mass Effect 3 of Formula 1 seasons.

In our yearly tradition, and with the dust settled over Christmas, the gang sat down for their annual Season Review of the 2021 F1 Season. We go down and then up the grid to talk about the team’s respective seasons, their ups and downs, the drivers, and in some cases, their questionable futures.

Haas, and Mick’s promise alongside Nikita’s struggles. Williams’s future after George Russell moves onto the big leagues. Alfa Romeo clearing the decks for a race-winning Bottas, and China’s first F1 driver in Guanyu Zhou coming in.

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Aston Martin and their incredibly underwhelming season, as well as some interesting observations about their head-to-heads. Pierre Gasly potentially being the driver of the year in a very lopsided relationship with Yuk Tsunoda at AlphaTauri. Alpine and the Happy funtimes club before Alain Prost got pissed off with them last week.

Mclaren and Ferrari re-engage an old rivalry but this time for third, with almost all four of their drivers having great seasons. And then the big two, Mercedes, Red Bull, their wingmen, and the big drivers themselves as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had one of the great title fights in F1 history.

It’s a 90 minute M101 Special, enjoy!

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