Episode #335: “Indefensible” (2021 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix)

Well… That was an ending. Welcome back to Motorsport101.

Well.…. That was an ending wasn’t it.

Sorry you’ve had to wait a little bit for this, but we’ve had a backlog of episodes to record over the off-season. But given we’re STILL relentlessly talking about Abu Dhabi a month on, now’s as good a time as any to bring our thoughts to the table.

For just the second time in modern F1 history, two title challengers went into this final round tied.

And even before that final lap, we had a stoking 10th pole lap from Max Verstappen, a horrible start that changed the entire complexion of that race, an opening lap clash where the stewards made another controversial no-call, and a strategy battle that left Lewis Hamilton more vulnerable than you might think…

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..But as you can imagine, half the episode is dedicated to Nicholas Latifi’s late Safety Car causing clash and everything that came afterwards. Michael Masi breaking the sport’s own regulations in order to guarantee a last lap decider. Verstappen’s Championship and the impact that finish may have had on it. Lewis Hamilton’s exile of social media and losing with dignity, as well as Mercedes, whether they would launch an appeal, and the team boss getting shitfaced after the race had finished (But sssh, don’t tell the admins, they might sue you for data protection.)

We also try to clean up a lot of the loose ends at the end of the season. Kimi Raikkonen’s final race in F1 for example. But we all know what this episode will be about, and I hope despite it being a little late, you enjoy it nonetheless. Plenty more fun content coming in the off-season soon, so enjoy!

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