“Rosberg wins, but Lewis Hamilton steals the show.”

Well, this had the potential to be a humdinger, especially after the topsy-turvy qualifying result, but it ended up being a rather docile affair, for a number of reasons. But still, let’s take a little look and wrap up some thoughts on Formula 1’s first Austrian Grand Prix for 11 years.


Rosberg does the job, but Hamilton steals the show

Nico Rosberg wasn’t put off by the two Williams in front of him, instead took his time, took advantage of some Williams strategy flaws, got ahead and stayed ahead, despite the Sergio Perez roadblock rearing its head again. It was the Catalan and Bahrain races again, only this time in reverse as Rosberg did just enough at the end to get the win from an attacking Hamilton who had used less fuel over the course of the race. (One of his stronger assets now)

However, it was Lewis Hamilton who had stole the show from 9th place, with one of the best starts I’ve seen in years. He was 4th by the end of Lap 2, with an astonishing pass on Fernando Alonso through Turn 8, one of the best of the year so far. He got through the Williams and by the end, was within DRS range on Nico for the win. If he was a little luckier on the pitstops he may have been able to win… More on that in a bit.

Williams Were Too Darn Conservative

*sighs* I like Williams, and I really want them to do well. My former radio boss was effectively telling me: “Williams is like everyone’s 2nd favourite team.”. So it frustrates me that in my eyes, for the third time this season, and for the 2nd time in two races, they messed up what could have been at worst, a shot at the win.

I don’t know why when you’re Williams, a team that has had issues with tyre wear all season, you CHOOSE to go longer, and give your opponents Mercedes a chance to rack up more than on free out lap, when you know they’re probably faster than you in clean air. All Williams had to do, would be to pit immediately afterwards and using the 2.5 second lead they had, come out in front and keep track position – Which is what should have been Williams priority given how hard it was to pass.