“And that’s a 10 for artistic impression!”

First up, before anything else – RIP Simon Andrews, and Sir Jack Brabham.

Welcome to Formula 1 Anonymous… My name is Andre Harrison… And for all five people, unaware… I’m a Sebastian Vettel fan. Shock horror. Maybe given how 2014 has been the “Year of the Hamilton”, being a Vettel fan isn’t such a sin. Ha.

Anyway, this is a natural combination of two things I love doing; making lists, and talking about my favourite driver. Many drivers are known for their legendary helmet designs; such as Ayrton Senna’s yellow, Jacques Villeneuve’s multi-coloured segments and James Hunt just slapping his damn name on the side, they’re iconic with F1 history.

Sebastian Vettel likes to make his mark a different way, and that’s by constantly changing his helmet designs. Maybe in some kind of reverse logic, that makes it iconic in its own way? I dunno, but in Seb’s tradition, he retires a helmet after winning a race in it, and as a result, he’s had over 60 different helmet designs in his career to date since 2007!

In the first of my Top 10 series, here’s my look at my personal favourite Top 10 Sebastian Vettel helmet designs. Obviously, this is purely my opinion, and I haven’t really got a straight criteria, but obviously artistic impression, historical significance and any and all references count as bonuses. Right, enjoy the countdown!

Honourable Mention: The Compact Discs (Singapore-Abu Dhabi 2010)

Okay, I’m biased, sue me. I couldn’t do this countdown without mentioning this design.