“Nico Rosberg seals the week of his life.”

You know you’ve had a good week when you run out of the Mercedes garage singing Janis Joplin. Hey folks, Dre here, back with another “Five Thoughts On…”, and this time, we’re heading back to Germany for the final (At least for now), GP at the Hockenheimring. More on that later, but we’ll talk about how the pendulum has swung YET AGAIN in the two-way Mercedes title race, more argy-bargy as the stewards take the race off, K-Mag and Massa’s rotten luck continues, and the concerning lack of attendance. All that and more in my five thoughts, on Germany!

Hamilton Crash
Another tale of two Mercedes

Just when you thought Hamilton was back ahead again, Rosberg has a near perfect weekend and crushes it. For those who missed it, Hamilton suffered a brake failure in Q1, forcing him to start in 20th place after also having to change parts around. It was a tale of two different Mercedes, as Rosberg dominated the race, while Hamilton put on a masterful performance climbing up from 20th, to eventually finish in 3rd. This is what happens when you put an Elite driver in the most relatively broken car in 25 years… And this was despite having a damaged front wing from a collision with Kimi Raikkonen, AND pitting out of sync due to there NOT being a safety car, while 3-stopping, which wasn’t the optimal strategy!

This was another case of Rosberg cashing in on yet more unfortunate Hamilton luck, but Lewis should take a little pride in knowing he only lost 10 points, compared to the 18 in Canada the other time he had a brake failure. Rosberg’s drive was impeccable, and seemed like he was only at about 70% the whole time. So much so, I think most of us forget he was still racing. Very Vettel-like.

Like I’ve said before, when Mercedes show their true pace as always, it is scary. Hamilton’s Super Soft stints at the end showed that. Not to mention the highest speed recorded during a GP so far this season,