“Magnificent Seven” (2021 MotoGP of the Americas) | E326

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Forgive us regulars, we don’t normally talk NASCAR unless something really crazy happens. Like saying your ex is a trained Assassin (Look it up, we talked about it). But for just the second time in the sport’s top flight history, a black man won a race. This in the same year Wendell Scott’s family finally got the winner’s trophy they denied him of back in 1963 by creating a scoring error, the sport being so afraid of the potential backlash of a black man winning in Florida. We talk about Bubba Wallace’s historic win at Talladega at the top of the show.

For this episode, we stay stateside for MotoGP in America. Only three things in life are certain. Death, Taxes, and Marc Marquez winning at the Circuit of the Americas. For the seventh time in eight attempts, the Spaniard took the holeshot, and never really looked back. In fact, it was one of his biggest American wins since joining the top flight. All this while the world’s press was looking for any excuse to talk the man out of it… yet more proof none of us have any real idea what we’re talking about. But we break down his incredible win at the top of the show.

We also talk about Fabio Quartararo putting one hand on the title in 2nd, creating his first Championship point in three weeks’ time in Misano. Ducati’s also on the bill, with Jack Miller making a complete horlicks of his weekend, and getting involved in his third collision with Joan Mir this season. I think one more and Miller gets a free ¼ chicken at Nando’s.

Bumps were also the order of the day, because MAN COTA had them in spades. So much so the sports riders were demanding the race be shortened. They were brutal, borderline dangerous, and a fundamental problem with the track itself that we go into greater detail on, as multi-discipline facilities keep struggling with juggling cars, and bikes.

But in the main event, we discuss the increasing danger in lightweight racing. This was a weekend taking place just a short week after the passing of World Supersport 300 rider Dean Berta Vinales. The third teenage fatality in the Dorna ladders in four months, and fifth since 2018. Many riders spoke out about needing more safety in the disciplines… and then we got a horrendous crash in a restarted Moto3 race, with Denis Oncu causing Jeremy Alcoba, Pedro Acosta and Andrea Migno to hit Alcoba’s bike at 140mph. Denis, getting a 2 race ban for the trouble.

We as a group discuss the crash, as well as what the sport could and maybe should do if it wants to make the sport safer, from shorter gearboxes, to more power, or maybe even age limits in the lower classes. Is there a conceivable solution? Watch and see.

MotoGP returns to Misano in a fortnight’s time, but until then, thanks for watching, and be sure to follow us on social media for more updates!

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