2021 Autosport Top 50 Reaction | E338

And it’s about time we brought back another one of our off-season traditions, and that’s a reaction video of the Autosport Top 50 list for the year!

Now, for those newer to the show, Dre deliberately DOESN’T read what or who’s on the list year to year, so he can react as other co-hosts run down the Top 50 name-by-name. Now normally, the publication throws up some names that are… somewhat left field (Valtteri Bottas was #12 last year for example), and the reactions and trying to deconstruct the logic behind them make for… interesting content!

And in this year’s return of the format, we make things even more interesting with some guessing games. It was Dre’s dream to be a game show contestant, so RJ happily obliged to indulge him! Higher or lower, guessing the order, and of course, Hamilton vs Verstappen, who ended up #1?

All that and more in our reaction to the Autosport Top 50, enjoy!

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