The Future Is Now, Mercedes

It's looking more and more like George Russell is taking over at Mercedes. Dre writes about the changing of the guard of the sport's premier team.

Dre Harrison2021-09-04T12:12:19+01:00September 4th, 2021|Blogs|

Captain Hindsight

A Belgian Grand Prix, that never was. Dre looks back on the race we didn't get.

Dre Harrison2021-08-31T11:34:43+01:00August 31st, 2021|Blogs|

The Ugly British Grand Prix

(CW: Racism) Dre wrote a long piece about the ugly discussions regarding a controversial British GP that spilled over onto Social Media.

Dre Harrison2021-07-22T10:44:38+01:00July 22nd, 2021|Blogs|

The Kids Are Alright

With the European Super League dead and Motorsport split as to how to make new fans, Dre talks on their approaches and why the kids are the future.

Dre Harrison2021-05-24T20:26:19+01:00May 24th, 2021|Blogs|

The Mazespin Show

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual Assault, Racism A reflective piece from Dre on the difficult nature of talking about Nikita Mazepin's presence in F1, and social media in general.

Dre Harrison2021-04-01T15:24:01+01:00April 1st, 2021|Blogs|

Dre’s F1 2021 Season Preview

Dre's Video Preview of the 2021 Season, in written form. From Mercedes impending future, to a stacked midfield, to the difficulties of the bottom of the field. Enjoy!

Dre Harrison2021-03-25T18:52:02+00:00March 25th, 2021|Blogs|

Tracks And Field, Writing The Next Chapter

In the twilight of the World Athletics Championships, Dre writes a piece on both the state of Athletics and comparing it to Formula 1, where both sports are in times where they may need to think about how they're covered, and what's coming next.

Dre Harrison2017-08-12T11:14:42+01:00August 12th, 2017|Blogs|