Episode #501: 2024 F1 Bahrain Grand Prix Review

The beatings will continue until morale improves. Welcome back, to Motorsport101…

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Apologies this one’s coming out a little bit later than planned, it’s been a really busy week back at M101 HQ and you’ll know about it later this week, promise.

But yeah, F1 is back in Bahrain to kick off 2024 and the racing itself (And there wasn’t much of it), already feels like it was playing second fiddle to the politics and horrible drama that has been the Christian Horner investigation, and this podcast drops more news and talk about those rumours. Again, be careful, it’s near the end of the episode if you think it may be upsetting.

But we also talk about Max Verstappen and Career Win #55 as he dominated proceedings to win very much like how last season ended. But what do we make of the state of the field now we’ve seen the cars in action at full speed? Is Haas not as bad as expected? Williams slipping?

And what the heck is going on at Alpine after a disastrous pre-season and now we know that two major parts of their technical staff have since resigned? All that and a whole lot more on a (slightly late), M101!

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