Episode #496.5: Lewis Hamilton To Ferrari For 2025

The biggest driver transfer in modern F1 history. Welcome back, to Motorsport101…

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Okay, forgive the numbering being a bit out here, but as you can probably have guessed, this came up rather suddenly. Don’t worry, Episode #496 on Andretti’s rejection and the Rolex 24 Hours is coming out Monday, forgive us for the hold-up.

In this special episode, all FOUR hosts (Yes, we got King in for this one too), break down all the angles from the biggest transfer of the social media era of F1, as Lewis Hamilton will be joining Ferrari in 2025.

The shock of the move itself and how we got to this point. How did Lewis go from signing a 2-year extension in August to activing a release clause just 5 months later? Can he bring in some of his own favourite staff? And can he co-exist with Charles Leclerc, another elite driver? Can Fred Vasseur (Who’s worked with them both), control that relationship?

Then there’s the greater ramifications. Carlos Sainz is now confirmed to be out of Ferrari at the end of the year, where does he end up if he stays on the grid for 2025? And then how do you define the morale at Mercedes? It can’t be great when they’re about to lose a transcedent star. Who do you replace Lewis with? Is it Alex Albon? Fernando Alonso? Esteban Ocon? Or do you gamble on F2’s Andrea Kimi Antonelli, their golden prospect?

It’s a deep-dive to end all deep-dives, in a bonus Motorsport101!

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