Episode #352: 2022 Formula 1 Australia GP Report

Charles Leclerc lands a bigger Australian Grand Slam than Ashleigh Barty did. Welcome back, to Motorsport101…

Round 3 of the Formula 1 World Championship had the travelling circus head to Albert Park in Australia for the first time in 3 years, with a new chicane, but a familiar result – Charles Leclerc laying a whooping on the field and Max Verstappen suffering ANOTHER DNF as his car exploded off a fuel leak. We talk about the state of play in the title race as Max falls 46 points behind Charles in the title race and Red Bull 49 points back in the Constructor’s. Is this already over? *Nico Rosberg meme*

We also talk about some of the weekend’s disasters, like Carlos Sainz losing his Quali lap and then binning it on Lap 2. Fernando Alonso on track for a front row until losing it in Qualifying. And then Aston Martin, who spent most of their weekend rebuilding their cars and copping penalties. Safe to say, that honeymoon is over.

We talk the new Albert Park and it’s new layout. We were going to have 4 DRS zones until the 11th hour and Fernando Alonso’s safety appeals. But what did we think of the removal of the chicane to make Sector 2… *checks notes* a straight?

Also, Formula 1 is heading to Vegas! We catch up with the big announcement from last week and talk about the layout, the cultural impact and beyond!

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