Episode #340: 2022 Diriyah E-Prix Report

Formula E is back, and duelling and relative calm leaves us with more questions than answers!

Welcome back to Formula E everyone! And now, with added Children’s Card Games, because it’s time to Duel! 

Formula E’s new controversial Duel Format took centre stage on Friday as part of the series revamp and trying to create a more competitively balanced series… Did it work? We’d like to think so, but it might have also created other problems we discuss in the show regarding entertainment value.

Audio Version:

We also spoke about the Alexander Sims crash in Race 2 and the awkward recovery that came with it as a tractor, a big ol’ queue, and a Safety Car under yellow. We discuss the incident itself, some of the safety related backlash on social media, and why it might be unfair to pin all the blame on Race Direction (Given that seems to be the wave at the moment.)

We also take a look at the state of play of the current field and how the entertainment and craziness within the series might actually be fading away with the moves the series has made. Do we actually want the Mercedes powered cars to run away with it? Is a more restrained Formula E a better Formula E? We discuss it all on Motorsport101!

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