Episode #331: Bulls On Parade (2021 F1 Mexico City Grand Prix/2021 Algarve MotoGP)

Max Verstappen with the double pass of great judgement, and Checo takes hometown hearts. Welcome back, to Motorsport101.

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Hey, remember a week ago when Red Bull were absolutely, definitely winning the Championship? That was fun, let’s relive it here!

The Mexican Grand Prix featured… and if we’re honest, it’s going to go down in the books as a Verstappen #BEATEMDOWN, and not much else. But at least we peaked early with a pass of the year contender from the Dutchman, doubling up on both Mercs on the way through Turn 1! After that, crickets!

Audio Version:

We also check in with the man of the weekend, Sergio Perez, as he drove well, attacking Lewis Hamilton in a close fight for 2nd, and 360,000 fans in Mexico that weekend cheering almost exclusively for him. And his Dad. His damned Dad, what a sweetheart, carrying flags, hugging anyone who’d be prepared for him and essentially adopting Max as a new member of the family. You love to see it. 

We also, annoyingly had to cover a new update on an older story as we talked about F1 changing their pre-race procedure to remove bodyguards from the grid and how it’s another example of why we think the sport is channeling its energy in the wrong places. 

We also cover MotoGP’s Grand Prix of the Algarve as Francesco Bagnaia took a dominant win in a shortened red flag race, but we instead decided to focus on his comments regarding Darryn Binder’s Moto3 Championship ending divebomb on Dennis Foggia, and whether or not the sport could benefit from a super license system, similar to F1. Is it plausible? Is Binder even that big a problem in the first place? 

We also send our best to Marc Marquez coming off the news that he’s had a repeat of the nerve damaged he suffered in 2011. Get well soon, alien. All that and more on a stacked Motorsport101!

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