Episode #324: “Hundredth” (2021 F1 Russian Grand Prix)

Lewis Hamilton takes his 100th Grand Prix, at the expense of a brilliant Lando Norris. Welcome to a classic for the Russian GP, on Motorsport101!

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Just when you thought this Formula 1 season couldn’t get any stranger, we get a classic race of the year contender… At Sochi. Objectively, one of the worst tracks on the calendar. We really HAVE seen everything. 

From the moment we knew it was going to be a largely wet weekend, there was also potential for shenanigans, and we got that in Quali. Because who else needed an Internet favourites Top 3 of Norris’s 1st pole, Sainz and George Russell (AGAIN!) Hamilton 4th after two spins, and Verstappen now at the back after taking another power unit. Madness.

We had Carlos Sainz lead for a while, but Norris took back control, cars running long thinking the rain would come but didn’t, and Lewis Hamilton ended up stuck behind a McLaren again. 

Audio Version:

With 6 laps to go, we thought it was going to be Norris vs Hamilton for the win, then the rain actually landed, as opposed to half an hour AFTER the race like it usually did. We talked about the intense dancing in the rain and whether Norris lost this race, or whether Hamilton won it. We also discuss the title fight as Verstappen stole 2nd at the death, Bottas shithoused a 5th despite looking useless, and Sergio Perez crapped the bread basket again.

We also give Carlos Sainz his flowers for a brilliant 3rd place and talk about how he might be the most under-appreciated driver in the field where the midfield has all had moments of brilliance themselves. 

And we definitely gushed over Hamilton’s 100th victory. That’s definitely why Dre dressed up as Eoin Morgan from Cricket’s “The Hundred”. Honest… 

(PS: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget you IndyCar fans, check back VERY soon for our season finale coverage on Long Beach and Alex Palou’s title win!)

Video Version:

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