“Welcome to the age of Hamilton.”

Hey folks, Dre here. Been a while since I’ve talked some F1 on here, but things have been really busy so I apologize. Lot in the pipeline on the way. I wanted to review Abu Dhabi as a race, but the race itself was filled with very little talking points. Hamilton won, surprise, surprise (You toss a coin like you do with almost race this season), Daniel Ricciardo pulled out a stonker yet again to finish 4th from the pitlane, and Lotus paid tribute to their energy sponsor “Burn”, by having Pastor Maldonado’s car catch fire.

Not much to really stretch into a full blog there for a race review if you ask me. Instead, I wanted to focus on how the landscape of F1 is going to change for next year, and if you like, a bit of retrospective on what’s just happened. Hope you enjoy it.

Hamilton defeats Rosberg

Okay, let’s be REAL here, Hamilton deserved it more, no?