“The Silver Arrows…And then everyone else.”

Hey guys, Dre here, and this is gonna be a big one. An enormous one. It’s time to review every F1 team in the paddock and talk about their first 11 races so far this season. Yeah, it’s been a season of complete dominance, new stars being made, tactical blunders, reliability concerns, World Champions looking painfully mediocre… And surprisingly great action. So, let’s break it down right here, in World Championship order. First up, the Champions-Elect.

Mercedes 2014
Mercedes (1st, 393 points)- 9.5/10

Well, they’ve been alright. What else is there to say?

Okay, obviously, there’s a lot more to it than that, but I thought I’d troll you. Mercedes have been the best team, right out of the box, and have stayed that way throughout, once again proving that if you can get a set of technical regulations nailed right out of the box, you can reap the rewards. (See Brawn, 2009)

This year is the culmination of a F1 team doing a “Abramovich” and bringing together all the best elements from Championship teams of the past (Despite Ross Brawn leaving), and building a car that is anywhere from 0.5-1 second a lap faster than any other direct rival on the grid today. 9 wins out of the first 11 races is a testament to that, and the dream team of Nico Rosberg’s loyalty and consistency, with the star power and raw speed that Lewis Hamilton has possessed has reaped the rewards.

It’s not quite a perfect score though. They’ve made it a little bit difficult on themselves in the process. Their reliability has cost them some heavy points throughout the season (If it was actually competitive, this would hurt in the long run), and they’ve had to work harder than anticipated on occasion. On top of that, they’ve had to deal with their own Team Orders drama throughout the season as Rosberg and Hamilton have clashed on several occasions, and shot themselves in the foot at Hungary for doing so, costing them both the win. Mercedes panic cost them in that scenario. But when you’re so far ahead of the rest, who really cares?

Nico Rosberg: 9.5/10 – Borderline perfect. 11 races in, only twice he’s failed to get on the podium and one of those times was a Gearbox failure at Silverstone. Nico was the outsider in a head-to-head fight with Hamilton going in, but him leading the Championship through 10 of the 11 rounds, with 4 wins and 9 podiums have proven he’s more than a match for his more reputable team mate. Leads the Pole Trophy race as well 6 as well.

Lewis Hamilton: 9/10 – He’s been on the unluckier end of Mercedes mechanical problems, and to be honest, I don’t rate his comeback drives in Germany and Hungary as highly as many others are given the sheer strength of the Mercedes car in front of him, but he’s also made some mistakes that could have easily cost him dearly, especially in qualifying. BUT, he does seem to have the measure of his team-mate in head to head fights, and that might come into play down the road.

Red Bull RB10
Red Bull (2nd, 219 points) – 8/10

There’s a BIG reason as to why Red Bull still have a 8/10 rating despite slipping to the debatable 2nd/3rd best team – Think back to where they were in testing. An unreliable mess with the promise of “potential”, and there was talk of a complete overhaul and a Spec-B car by Spain. A lot of Red Bull fans, me included, were VERY nervous going into the season. It didn’t help when Vettel had engine map issues and then a retirement before Lap 5.

That’s been the story of Red Bull this season, constant up and downs. Renault power has been their biggest weakness so far this season, and it’s going to hurt real bad when the season gets faster at Belgium and Monza next. But despite all these, there’s been obvious bright spots with two surprise wins and Daniel Ricciardo being an enormous new star for the team, leading the “best of the rest” chase in the Championship standings.

Red Bull remain the closest threat to Mercedes on resources and spending power alone, and this team ALWAYS bounces back. Might just take a bit longer this time around.

Sebastian Vettel: 7.5/10 – I feel bad for Seb. Not many drivers at all have had it worse than he has this season. 3 mechanical DNF’s, and a team that is seemingly giving him