“Please MotoGP, don’t stop being THIS awesome.”

Unreal. With Le Mans coming and going, an amazing Canadian Grand Prix in Formula 1, and now the second amazing MotoGP race in two weeks, we may very well be looking at one of the greatest months in Motorsport HISTORY as it stands right now. All we need is a decent Austrian revamp this weekend and we’re set!

Anyway, this was another classic, as this race track as a tendency of producing amazing races time and time again, and 2014 was no exception. The threat of rain, Marc Marquez once again not quite having it all his own way, all four members of the Elite Four in MotoGP going head to head, a resurgent return to form for Dani Pedrosa and more! Let’s break it all down right here!


No seriously, is Marc Marquez actually human at this point?

If there was one thing this weekend did show, it was that Marc Marquez may actually be just a little bit human. Like, 2, maybe 3%. He lost his streak of six consecutive poles after a rare drop in qualifying after Dani Pedrosa’s scintillating 1:40.9 stunned the field.

Then during the race, it was Valentino Rossi that was in control for the majority after a cracking start from the second row, Marquez pushing so hard from behind, he even tagged Rossi’s rear wheel while breaking from 215mph towards Turn 1, causing Marc to use the chicane to get back on the road, and had to give up 2nd to Pedrosa to avoid a penalty, before promptly re-passing him 3 corners later.

It seems BT Sport’s Julian Ryder may have been onto something when he said “The best way to beat Marquez might be to throw him off his rhythm”, and this was back at Mugello, and it actually makes some sense. Let him lead early and he’s borderline invincible, if you play rough with him and throw him off his rhythm by fighting him,