“So, Rosberg got screwed… Because Hamilton drove too slow?! WHAT?!”

If you’re looking for a race review, you’re probably not going to find it here. Seriously, you’re expecting China to produce a decent grand prix? They’re about 1 for 10 in terms of entertaining races. This post is more going to be in the style of me being your official F1 Politics Reporter – Like Jennie Bond, but male and blacker.

Lewis Hamilton took his 35th career victory over Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel tried but failed to upset the apple cart, but held off his resurgent teammate, and we’re still trying to put out the flames on the smoking Renault power units. And I utterly condemn Rosberg. What’s not to love? Let me break it all down here!

Rosberg, the Victim of Circumstance

The race itself at least had a tense tactical battle upfront with the pack of two Mercedes and Ferrari’s until the final round of stops, but in that time period beforehand, it seemed that Hamilton was holding back from showing his true speed to manage his tyres upfront, but Rosberg would then complain in the post-race press conference that Rosberg’s race was compromised as a result of Hamilton’s management…What?!

Update (15/4): Yeah, this is something I’ve never done before – I’ve gone back and changed what I initially said. Why? Because I changed my mind. I accused Nico Rosberg of being salty about the whole situation when, in actuality, he made a very valid point about his situation. As Nico explained on his video blog via Twitter, he tried to attack Hamilton in the first stint, and it didn’t work, so he was going to sit back for his 2nd stint, and then attack after the final stop.

Now, as a result of Hamilton’s conservatism, it brought Sebastian Vettel into play, and that alone put the 1-2 at risk. If Rosberg attacked, and hurt his tyres again, he might lose out on 2nd to Seb. Hence the team order from Mercedes, they were only trying to protect the 1-2.

Hamilton made a valid point, he has no right to look after Nico’s race, and let’s be real here, only very rarely is an F1 driver a team player, it’s a team sport when