Hey folks, Dre here. To kick off this little blog, I thought I’d ask on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Ask.FM), to ask me anything Formula 1 related! Here’s what they came up with!

“If you had to name 3 F1 teams that will be battling for the title in 2014, which ones would it be?” – Jonas Van Werveke

If I had to choose early, I would say Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes. I know, it’s the obvious call, but I don’t see Lotus stepping up with their financial difficulties, and I think McLaren are rebuilding with the Kevin Magnussen experiment in full swing.

“Who’s likely to be better: Caterham or Marussia?” – @YSLDatabase

Yikes, both teams seem to be having issues. Caterham have a serious lack of funds after getting zero FIA money for finishing 11th in the WCC last season, while Marussia are having technical issues with their car. I think Marussia will do slightly better, with slightly more money, and in my opinion, and stronger driver line-up that’s only going to get better in Bianchi and Chilton.

Marussia – One of only two teams to retain both their drivers for 2014.

“If one of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland got a Grand Prix (irrespective of facilities), which country would you give first preference to?” – Eoin Harmon

If it were me, I’d say the Scots. There’s a lot of their heritage in racing from up there, they’re fighting for independence (At least the SNP are anyway), they would love some positive boosts to the economy with a Grand Prix. Not to mention they could use guys like David Coulthard and Sir Jackie Stewart to market it.

“What will Ron Dennis be doing this season at Mclaren?” – CoolCatsKitchen

Coming up with ways to fill his enormous thesaurus of common words…And probably sacking Martin Whitmarsh. Clearly Ron Ron didn’t like the 2013 season SO much that he had to get control of McLaren back…And if the rumours of him telling staff: “There will be change”, then expect Whitmarsh to get the chop. According to Sky, Ron didn’t like the idea of Sergio Perez’s hiring, or Whitmarsh being stubborn with the failed 2013 car. And with Eric Boullier suddenly a free agent…You can put 2 and 2 together right?


Eric Boullier, smiling as he no longer has to worry about Pastor Maldonado.

“Who do you think will be a top contender this year that is really an underdog?” – Anonymous

I think, by default, Daniel Riccardo. I mean, the majority think that Red Bull have had the best car the last 4 and a half seasons. Given strength of car alone, if RBR are up there again, Riccardo will be too, ala Mark Webber. Just a shame one of the most successful ever is in the opposite side of the garage.


How can anyone not love Riccardo’s smile?

If not, maybe Romain Grosjean in the Lotus if he can keep up his form from the 2nd half of last season, and if Lotus isn’t busy boning the front end of that 2014 Toro Rosso car.

“Your favourite livery so far for the 2014 Season?” – Ben

Obviously this is subject to change given how we’ll only know the whole field from tomorrow, but I’m definitely
digging the new Force India livery the most. Very nice use of Black to go with the white/orange/green combo.


I love this new Force India livery. It’s amazing.

I really like Ferrari’s added Black in theirs too. To be fair, nothing doesn’t really go with black, it’s a really safe colour!

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