Episode #131: Markelov’s Good… But He’s Not Quite Carlin

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Thanks to Josh Sutill for the next two episode titles!

And who’d have thought that Formula 2 would be the Main Event in Bahrain! In a weekend filled with ridiculous Motorsport, it would Artem Markelov and Lando Norris stealing the show in Bahrain with wins for both, in what was a pair of fantastic races!

Also, Formula 1’s race was pretty great too as Sebastian Vettel narrowly held of Valtteri Bottas to take his 2nd straight win in Bahrain, and in 2018, in a race with a broken leg, strategy screw-ups, and a Lewis Hamilton triple overtake, as you do!

And we also discuss the outlines for F1 in 2021 as the first draft of plans were unveiled by Liberty Media!

Check back on Sunday for Episode 132!

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