Okay, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of the news, but if not, here’s the long and the short of it – I’m retiring from doing Gaming videos on YouTube. I already made a video about it this past Sunday, that you can watch here if you haven’t already, but this post is essentially a follow-up to that, explaining myself in a little more clarity and depth about why I did it, as well as plans for #Motorsport101 going forward.

So, first question’s obvious – Why did I suddenly decide to up sticks and quit?

To provide a little extra context, you have to go back into my personal history and the nature of YouTube itself for young people.

I started making videos back in 2008. I never did it with some kind of plan for greatness, or long-time aspiration, I just did as an escape. For those who don’t know, I suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, and often found it very hard to socialize or have any kind of social skills at all, and I was often picked on for my accent not sounding like a stereotypical black person, and for that time I dated a girl a year below me, but I digress.

YouTube was never the all-in end game for me. I’d always wanted to be a gaming YouTuber, back from when I was playing Pokemon online (Shoddy Battle), or just pointing a camera at my TV playing Halo 3. There was always going to be a time where I was going to move on with things, it was just going to be a matter of when, and the thought had been crossing my mind for a good few months prior.

I had gotten sick of the repetitive nature of being a Motorsport/Racing game YouTuber. I’d already gotten through six F1 games, three MotoGP games and I’m just sitting there thinking: “Shit, do I really wanna go through another year of this?” I’d already done four and a half as it is.

On top of that, it’s becoming clear that the F1 gaming community is leaning towards four or five people. Aarava, Tiametmarduk, Noble 2909 and xMattyG, with others like Tom97HD and CalHD1 grinding away to fill in at my kind of level. The former four are collaborating and piggybacking off each other’s success, so naturally, it’ll be difficult for anyone else to have gotten there, and my channel has been completely devoid of growth since 2014. (That’s not a jab at them, YouTube growth is VERY reliant on collaborations, it’s natural marketing 101.)

I suspect a good part of that, was the fact that people aren’t going to search for my kind of content, given I was such a strong gameplay guy and I was making more journalistic content. The above guys are all brilliant in their own way, and the with the skills I have, it no longer fits for me to keep grinding at something that I feel just isn’t there.

THEN you gotta factor in the Podcast was going so well, and the production on it was still kinda pokey at this point with Skype call recorders, me having to reduce file sizes due to WordPress limitations, and that forced three month hiatus where we had to look for alternative storage. So, that was frustrating, more for the fact I felt like I had something genuinely different and great.

So with all the prior thoughts swirling around my head for the last four or five months, I released that last Dre Talks as my first video of 2016, basically letting all the frustrations I had in my position, and it was the comments on those videos, that took me over the top and made me say: “It’s time for a change”.

So, I had Adam Johnson (My new #Motorsport101 producer), come around, to thrash out a plan to make the Podcast better. Promotion. Patreon. Looking for sponsors. Video highlights on YouTube, walking in the footsteps of guys like Pat The NES Punk (The Completely Unnecessary Podcast), or many Wrestling Podcasts do, like “The Whole F’N Show”. A day later, I release that video, and the rest is history.

For me, I think the way I was going was me beating a dead horse. It wasn’t that I was unhappy in what I was doing, it was the fact I was clearly busting my balls the wrong way around, and that I’m just straight up BETTER in other areas. So why not have a rebrand? The pillars of the F1 community are now pretty much set in stone, I’m a stronger writer and Podcaster, so why not focus on that and start again, doing something different I know I’ll enjoy, and with a brilliant team, where I don’t have to commit so much time, so I can now focus on things like RaceWorldTV?

Now, to clarify a few things – This is NOT me retiring from YouTube full-time. I will still do Dre TV episodes on occasion, I’ll probably still review racing games every once in awhile, and of course, #Motorsport101 will have video highlights, 2-3 segments a week, once the show goes weekly in February. So for those saying “Goodbye Dre”… I’m not going ANYWHERE. Especially if you’re Subscribed to RaceWorld, as I should be returning to two videos a week there next week.

I’ll have a full length plan for the Podcast in 2016 out in early February, but as I said, the show will be going weekly, they’ll be video highlights, more special guests joining us, and we’ll be on Patreon soon, so you can support us, and we’ll have extra benefits such as T-Shirts, exclusive Hangouts/Skype calls, sponsor slots, and hopefully more, as well as a new logo, and a website redesign to house it all.

Excited? Me, Adam and Ryan most certainly are, and we can’t wait to get cracking! The next episode of #Motorsport101 will be out on January 22nd, so stay tuned for that!

But once again, a massive thank you to each and every one of you who’s supported me over the last four and a half years as a gaming YouTuber. Your faith in me is the reason why I’ve had the confidence to take this big decision. I genuinely believe that Podcasts are the future of audio media, and I think we have potential to have an amazing show that will only get better in time. I’ve had an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait for the next chapter of it, and I can only hope you’re there to support me, and the rest of the team going forward.

So yeah, there’s going to be changes around here… Stay tuned…