It’s time for El Diablo to take the stage. MotoGP headed back to Misano for the second time this season, and we had a thrilling fight at the front of the field between Marc Marquez and Francesco Bagnaia… Until the latter made a carbon copy error from last year and gift wrapped Fabio Quartararo the world championship. We break it all down, as well as Fabio’s impact as the new World Champion and why Dre thinks he could be a huge win for the sport.

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We also talk Marc Marquez’s breakthrough win on a clockwise circuit, and despite Bagnaia’s heartbreak, the tantalizing prospect of the four best riders in the world on four different machines going into 2022.

We also responded to the news that the FIM and Dorna will be fundamentally changing the junior scene forever with age limit restrictions being tightened in the junior series. For example, Moto3’s World Championship will be 18+ only from 2023, as well as 16+ for the Junior World Title. We get into why the age limit change is only a bandaid on the problem, and Dre talks about an infamous Twitter conversation he had regarding the matter… 

All that and more on a hectic, and heated episode of Motorsport101!

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