Man, what a ridiculous year it’s been for me. Got to be honest, I knew right from the start that this year was never going to top some of the literally once-in-a-lifetime experiences I had, like being at the Zoom Charity Auction and the Google Hangout with Felipe Massa, but this year has been memorable for me for other reasons.

For me, I felt like this was the year I really grew in confidence as a content creator. It was probably my weakest year as a video maker, despite the year being surprisingly stacked with racing games. I suspect the reason was more because this became my 5th year making gaming videos, and I can’t get over the fact that playing the same yearly cycle of F1 games from Codies (The SIXTH one featured on my channel in some capacity), and the third year of MotoGP, gets pretty boring after a while. I suspect I’ll be changing that formula in 2016, but I’m glad Forza 6 let me enjoy myself playing videos again for a good while. I really want to feature other racing games next year, so we’ll see how it all plays out. I’m still in thought over this.

But what I’m most proud of at the moment, is the very site this is all based on. I’ve really enjoyed my written content in 2015, I really feel like I’m starting to find my voice and writing style, and the #Motorsport101 Podcast had a brilliant year, despite the hiatus as the season drew to the close. Discovering IndyCar was a wonderful experience too. I had so much fun working with Ryan King, Adam Johnson, Louis Suddaby and Crekkan, and I value that very highly. I can only hope that continues in 2016. I’d like to invest in a proper microphone so I can produce the best quality of Podcast for Motorsport 101, and my Downforce Radio work with #BikeLive as Season 3 begins in February.

I also got to go to my first actual Motorsport event, as me and Adam Johnson went to the British Superbike Championship Showdown at Brands Hatch, and had an amazing time seeing Josh Brookes seal a brilliant Championship, one of my favourites in James Rispoli doing work, and just getting to experience the paddock and the atmosphere was a wonderful feeling. Not such a fan of the £10 half chicken, but hey, nothing in life is perfect.


I also graduated from University with a 2:1 degree in Broadcast Journalism. That was probably the greatest day of my life today and a moment I’ll never forget. Remember, I dropped out of Uni in 2012, when I was doing a Business degree and all I had to fall back on when applying for my second degree, WAS my YouTube channel, so I owe everything today to that change, and to you, the people reading this. So to be able to take home something I waited 5 years to accomplish, and through the power of the people who support me, was truly, truly special.

And then of course, I joined RaceWorld TV in September, and it’s a big part of the reason why my video content has been more infrequent, and that’s because I’ve been working so hard to take advantage of this opportunity. For a good while now, I’ve been making two videos a week for them, and their search engine optimization has been brilliant – So much so, I’ve been watched nearly 150,000 times since then. That’s unreal numbers and I never knew I could carve out a name for myself as a voiceover guy. If you’ve ever seen WatchMojo and their content, that sort of thing. RWT want to establish themselves as the racing equivalent of that, and I’ve love to be the spearhead at the forefront of that. I do fear that this could be my YouTube future, as opposed to my own channel, still a three pronged attack, but the prongs are different. It’s 2am as I write this, I just hope to god it makes sense.

So yeah, I feel like this was a year where I was setting the foundations for bigger things, and I can only hope that continues in 2016. It’s been SUCH a busy time, but I so badly want 16 to be the year where we can make that next level. Here’s hoping.

But in any case, I’d like to thank you all once again for your support this year. It’s been hard work, harder than any year of my life so far, but the high points were something else. You guys are always so patient with me and it makes so much that whatever I do, so many of you still have my back.

Special thanks go out to Ryan King, my partner in crime, I don’t know what I’d do without him, Adam Johnson who’s going to be an awesome addition to the #Motorsport101 team as producer and editor, Stephanie Hunter, my guardian angel and website manager, and my #BikeLive co-stars Louis Suddaby and Rebecca James for being the best team on Downforce, without question.

And of course, sending love to the families of Jules Bianchi, Justin Wilson and Michael Schumacher.

It’s been a fun ride folks, have a wonderful Christmas, and let’s hope 2016 is the best year yet.

Dre x