Hey guys, Day 19 up in here, and I thought that given we haven’t had a mailbag on Motorsport101 for quite some time, I threw open the doors to the Twitterverse to ask me anything you like, and man did you guys not disappoint. So, without further ado, it’s time to Ask Dre Anything!

Do you see Yamaha domination this year in MotoGP or can Marquez storm through the walls again? – Matt Carneiro

Congrats on 7k, Matt! I’m not sure to be quite honest with you. Maverick Vinales is scaring the shit out of everyone with how fast he’s taken to that Yamaha, and I think Valentino is playing possum again. He’ll say he’s struggling but work his way onto the podium in Qatar next week and act like nothing’s happened.

Yamaha’s always been consistently strong, that’s nothing new. The X-Factor for me is seeing what Marc Marquez does. If he resembles his 2016 style of playing a little more conservative and picking his spots, he has every chance of winning his 6th World Title. His knack of knowing where the line is was the greatest lesson he could have learned. He’s bookies favourite, and so he should, but Maverick can and WILL win 4+ rounds I reckon.

“Of all the motor racing seasons you’ve watched, which one in your opinion, featured the greatest year-long driver performance?” – Josh Bohn

The one that stands out the most to me was Michael Schumacher in 2004. That was the peak of me as an F1 fan who loved him, and winning that 7th World Title in Hungary, a race where only one car outside of his team finished on the same racing lap… AND IT WAS SIX ROUNDS EARLY. Probably the greatest exhibition of a driver and a car in near-perfect harmony.

These next few questions are from SeaneyF1, thanks for the Patreon support homie!

“What were your A-Level subjects?”

Business Studies, ICT, Maths, and Chemistry. I really had no idea what I was doing on this one and probably should have taken economics in hindsight. Triple Science was off the table for me at Year 9, so taking Chemistry was basically signing my own death warrant. I was good at Maths naturally, but my GCSE teacher was a total wimp who couldn’t handle a class. I’d have learned more by banging my head against a brick wall. So by the time I got to A-Level, my B-Grade GCSE was about as useful as the last square of toilet paper.

I was allowed to progress to Year 13 as long as I dropped Chemistry and Maths (U’s. Gotta love em’), but through retakes, and some revision, I turned myself around and got an A in Business Studies and a C in ICT. Not bad for a guy who spent four hours a week basically playing Pokemon Emerald on Visual Boy Advance.

“What has been your voting history?”

I’ve only voted in one general election, the last one. Back then, I voted Labour. Ultimately, you’re voting for your local MP, and I met Steve Pound in the past and liked his views and ideas. The previous election I couldn’t vote in because I was still 17 when it happened. If I was 18, I’d probably have voted for the Liberal Democrats, but they’ve since burned that bridge with me because of the Student Fee fiasco.

As for Brexit, I voted to remain in the European Union, as the “leave” camp were a bunch of lying twats who clearly had no idea what they were doing, and didn’t come up with one compelling reason to convince me to leave. Shoutout to the £350m slogan on the bus.

For what it’s worth, I’m a liberal who leans to the left. Make of that what you will.

“When Vettel retires, who will you support?”

Probably no-one, and just end up as a fan of the greater good, with no real allegiance. Seb has been the only driver to register on my radar since Michael retired the first time in 2006.

“Wouldn’t you agree that being an Arsenal fan is a lot like being a Ferrari fan?”

It’s the hope that kills you, ain’t it? I’m no Arsenal fan, but given how many I know, I certainly can see the parallels. Winning just enough to keep you in it, and when you start to believe, the rug gets pulled out from underneath you. Which is basically the last two seasons at Ferrari, like Arsenal finishing 2nd in the league last year, and winning back-to-back FA Cups in 2014 and 15.

I’m off this narcotic. I’ll believe in Ferrari when I see it. Most likely, over my dead body.

“And out of the top three teams which one has been spewing the most bullshit about one another being the team to beat?”

They’ve all played this game, sadly. Max Verstappen straight up admitted a couple of days ago, that they’re not in contention at Australia. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are basically two children in a kitchen hovering over some spilled milk and both are claiming the other one dropped the jug.

I’d probably say Mercedes are the worst of the bunch here. As much as it’s obvious Ferrari aren’t going all-out, anything reluctant coming out a camp who’s who won 51 out of the last 59 GP’s is a hard friggin sell. In any case, tell Seb and Lewis never to play Poker.

“If McLaren drops Honda, where do they go from there, and who would replace Nando when he goes?” – Evan

They probably return to Mercedes with their tail between their legs. They’ve had a long and mostly healthy history as partners, and given Manor are now dead, it DOES free up a potential 3rd supplier as per the rules. If McLaren wants the “Get out of Jail free” option, it’s hard to see any way other than a Mercedes comeback.

As for Fernando, that’s an interesting case. McLaren’s driver academy is somewhat thin these days. Nyck de Vries is decent, but I fear his progression is going a bit too slow. That’s okay if you were ready three years ago like Stoffel Vandoorne was/is, but he’s just turned 22, in a sport that’s trending younger. Who knows, if Lando Norris continues making waves, he may be worth a gamble. If not, it would be interesting to see if McLaren either a) really DID bring Jenson Button back, or b) see what they could pull in free agency. It’s not the McLaren of 2012 where Sergio Perez was knocking on their door.

“What would be your dream lineup of Drivers since 2000 who haven’t won a World Title?” – Len Morrison

If I had to pick, I’d say Daniel Ricciardo and Robert Kubica. Daniel I think is the complete package, on and off the track, and I’d love to be able to build a team around him. Robert was a brilliant raw talent and did amazing things for BMW Sauber and Renault. We never really got to see him in a Championship level car and I’d have loved to have seen what he could have done. At least he’ll always have Canada 2008.

“What do you think is the best race you’ve watched? Any series, any era.” – Manolis Sigoulakis

There are a few contenders, here. Canada 2011 in Formula 1 is a race even Michael Bay would consider too radical. MotoGP has Estoril 2006 and Laguna Seca 2008 as potential candidates. British Superbikes and the final showdown between John Hopkins and Tommy Hill in 2011 is out of this world.

But for me, my all-time favourite has to be MotoGP’s Australian Grand Prix of 2015. It’s a race where four men beat the shit out of each other, Iannone went apeshit, and Marc Marquez had the greatest single final lap in the history of the sport, where he basically goes: “I’m going to win this race, or crash trying”. Oh, and it may or may not have started the biggest blood feud in the history of bike racing. Kinda helps for historical significance.

“Most important stepping stone/moment in your life thus far?” – Conner Pearson

I was going to say my first full-time job at William Hill, but for me, it was my sister’s Leukaemia diagnosis in January 2011. Without question, it changed the lives of everyone directly involved. When she was sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital, I had to basically run the house at 18, and take care of my 13-year-old brother. It made me grow up a lot, and fast. Kendra was fighting for her life, and I had to do my part to support my family.

It was the biggest catalyst for my parents divorcing, a process that’s STILL ongoing now, over six years on, and still, has an effect on me. My Dad is more of a “friend” now than a true “father figure”. He never really was one, given he spent a lot of his time either watching sports or sleeping on the couch because he worked nights as a welder.

Ridiculously materialistic too, to the point where he was eyeing up £150 jeans, or a fleet of Y-3 Yoshi Yamamoto shoes. Convinced my Mum to take £18,000 out of the house so he could get his dream BMW M3… Only to crash it with me in it the first day. Champagne taste, with beer money.

Any difficult parenting, he would snap, to the point where he was intimidating, bullying, even physically abusive. It took those sort of moments for me to open my eyes and view the world from a more mature, rational perspective. And it all stems back to Kendra. Sure, it was an awful thing on the face of it, but Kendra’s made a full recovery, and it brought me, Ryan and Mother closer together as a unit, far more so than when my Dad was around, making it a dysfunctional, toxic environment. It’s funny how sometimes, scary, or life-changing moments can make you, just as much as they can break you.

“What has been the highlight of your podcast so far?” – Henry Chapman

Oh man, where do I start? I’ll give a brief rundown of some of my favorites:

The Draft. Amazing to have five of us on one show, the reactions and the jokes from that still live on. RJ’s passionate words on Danny Watts’ announcement. An important moment in Motorsport and RJ handled it with such passion and grace, I’ll always be grateful to have him on the show for that. Talking Sports Fights with King and Matt on this week’s show was the most we’ve ever laughed on the show, ever.

SHOOT YOUR SHOT. It will stay with us, forever. Spending 20 minutes of the Podcast talking about Colin Kaepernick and the political stances that Tony Stewart and Graham Rahal made in response, setting the path for the future of the show.

The “Fuck, Marry, Kill” segment where I basically admitted that I had a huge crush for Katie Hargitt. SHIT. Being LIVE on YouTube for Episode 50 and seeing the love from the community live as we recorded was… incredible. I was close to tears on multiple occasions. Especially when Matt beat me on the Draft result.

…That Indy 500 Finish. Enough said. That’s what I’ve got. Let me know yours!

Thanks everyone for all the questions, who knows… I may just do another one on Day 30 if I get enough extra questions. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you tomorrow.