“Seconds out, Round 2.”

Okay, the FIFA review ratings continue! Thanks for the great support on the original post, and if you missed positions 50-41, you can check them out here: https://www.motorsport101.com/dre-reviews-fifa-16-ratings-50-41/

On with the show!

40 – Gerard Pique, Centre Back, FC Barcelona (85, +1)

40 Pique

An excellent return to form the Spaniard after what seemed like a season where he went off the rails in 13-14. So obviously as a result, I think the +1 boost back up to 85, putting him on par with Diego Godin, is about right for me. Heck, if you’d gone 86 with him again like in FIFA 14, I don’t think there would be many complaints, at last not from me. A return to the big time for the three-time Champions League winner.

Ultimate Team value: He’s Gerald Pique. He’ll see a lot of play. If anything, he’ll probably be in every La Liga team rather quickly because of his relatively low value. In FIFA 15, his price range was 150 to 6,000 coins. I don’t see much of a change from that personally. He’s Spanish, he’s relatively cheap for a top tier centre back, and if anyone’s got money, he’s still the perfect pairing alongside the much faster and more expensive, Sergio Ramos. I don’t see his upper limit being any more than 10k.

39 – Mats Hummels, Centre Back, Borussia Dortmund (86)


Another consistent name on the Top 50, another consistently great season from Mats Hummels, that did a superb job of dragging Dortmund back into European football after a horrendous first half of the season. No complaints at all about keeping him at an 86, he’s a Top 2-3 Centre Back in the world, and unless Ramos, Silva and Boateng are ALL rated 87 (Which I doubt), then this is absolutely fine.

Ultimate Team value: Hmmm. I think Hummels has always seen high levels of play, because he’s Mats Hummels, but that pace stat keeps dropping year to year. I think at some point, the wheels will fall off with him, but 64 should be just enough to keep players interested. And in a similar case to La Liga, I strongly suspect that Jerome Boateng will be the Premier CB of the game this year, so having a slower CB alongside like Hummels, isn’t that big a deal. His range on FIFA 15 was 750-7,000, and I’d expect about the same here.

38 – Bastian Schweinsteiger, Centre Midfielder, Manchester United (86, -2)


Arguably, the most controversial rating adjustment on the list so far. Bastian has been a stable 88 for a couple of seasons, but he’s been dropped down to 86 for FIFA 16… And to be honest, it’s probably a couple of years overdue. In the context of players like Yaya Toure, I can’t say Bastian’s better. As Pep threw him under the bus for, he’s not been fully healthy over a season for maybe 3 years now, so a rating drop is understandable. FIFA tend to leave ratings alone if a player suffers a major injury, but I think even they knew keeping him at an 88, while sending him to the BPL alongside Yaya, was ridiculous and not fair. So yeah, I’m okay with this. Heck, sending him down to 85, wouldn’t have been an issue in my eyes. Yaya probably should be the premier CM in the league, unless proven otherwise.

Ultimate Team value: Again, on name value alone, Bastian will see play. I saw plenty of Lampard’s even up till FIFA 14 on fanboy picks alone. Pace isn’t that big a factor in Centre Midfield (It’s probably the one spot you could feasibly get away with it), and as a complete midfielder, Bastian still looks like an incredibly strong, balanced card. His range was 750- 9/10,000 depending on console, and again, I think about the same again here.

37 – Marco Reus, Left Midfielder, Borussia Dortmund (86)


I wonder – If Reus had gone to the world cup and performed like Thomas Muller did, would he have been bumped up? Who knows. Anywho, Marco Reus, is still Marco Reus, and he’s still one of the most dynamic, complete attacking players in the world today. He wasn’t quite as magnificent last season, as he was in 13-14, where he was arguably Bundesliga player of the season, but still more than enough to keep his 86 tag in my opinion. I’ve seen many argue he’s an 87-88, but I’ll save that for a guy further down the list…

Ultimate Team value: Child, please. It’s Marco Reus. Take Ronaldo out of the equation and Marco might be the game’s most effective left sided player. And his range last year wasn’t too bad given his value, 7-17,000. So yet again, I think it’ll be about the same, and yes, if you have a German or Bundesliga team, don’t even lie to yourself, you’re getting him. Expect him in nearly every Bundesliga team you face.

36 – Wayne Rooney, Striker, Manchester United (86)


Wayne Rooney is in a truly atrocious run of form at the moment. I’ve said before on Twitter, on he genuinely looks finished. I don’t see how his worst goalscoring season for many years, was enough to keep his rating at 86. I think a one point drop to 85 would have been fine, especially given that Di Maria got the same treatment and there was less of an argument to drop Angel’s score. But, FIFA’s always over-rated Rooney, so sod it, might as well keep the trend going for another year.

Ultimate Team value: I don’t expect much play from Wayne. I suspect that unless Diego Costa has been given a stupidly high price range, he’ll be the go-to Premier League striker, with the much faster Daniel Sturridge and the all-round monster of Christian Benteke being the value players here. Wayne’s range in FIFA 15 was 750/800-9,000/10,000, and again, I’d expect the same again here. The pace isn’t terrible at 75, but the Premier League has so many options, why would you take him?

35 – Arturo Vidal, Centre Midfielder, Bayern Munich (86, +1)


Hmmm. Arturo Vidal is an immensely completely midfielder, when he’s not trying to kill someone. As AirJapes rightly says, he can be a very dirty player at times, but he’s also a superb talent, and was begging for Manchester United to sign him last season. Juventus had the same way of thinking, gambling on his form carrying on… it didn’t really, and only got £28m out of him on the way to Bayern. And to be honest, I’m not sure what he did to justify the +1 increase again, I think 85 was perfect for Vidal, but hey, gotta make Bayern look strong right? I suspect Juventus’ unlikely Champions League run had a factor in this rating. If so, fair enough. Watch how he crushes it at Bayern this year. Bastard.

Ultimate Team value: Vidal has always been played a lot, this should be no different. He’s 86 rated, his cardweight was very high for a player of his level, and the Bundesliga just got another ridiculous weapon in midfield to replace Bastian. And when you consider he only had an upper range of 8,000 last year, that HAS to go up for quality of league alone. Serie A is the “Sam’s Chicken” of Ultimate Team, where the Bundesliga is the new Burger King. I think 10-15,000 could easily be a thing.

34 – Thomas Muller, Centre Forward, Bayern Munich (86)


What has this man got to do to get a better rating? Thomas Muller was a Top 5 player in the world last year, according to the Ballon D’Or last year, he was arguably the World Cup’s best player, and he alone wins football games for Bayern Munich with his intelligence, and the fact he’s as complete a #10 in the game today. SO WHY IS HE STILL 86? Come on FIFA, he’s a better player than Thomas Muller, and for me, he should be an 88, as a reward to his incredible and underrated service the last 3 years. Sure, he isn’t a stat sheet stuffer like a Karim Benzema, or a Luis Suarez, but his overall play is immense. A shame that Muller suffers as a result of this, but he’s a fantastic player still. Maybe one day, his time will come.

Ultimate Team value: MUCH higher this year for one simple reason – He’s now a Centre Forward as opposed to a Right Midfielder. That alone will get him SO much more play, whether as a Striker, or as a Attacking Midfielder. Not to mention, he’ll most likely have the Finesse Shot and Outside Foot Shot traits, making him even more deadly. His range was really low for that RM reason last year at 750-7,000, but I’d expect that to be a bit higher next year.

33 – Karim Benzema, Striker, Real Madrid (86, +1)


This is an odd one to me. Karim Benzema has been a staple of the Top 50 for about 4 years now, and his play and level of scoring has pretty much always been the same. If anything, he’s done well to be a consistent 20-25 goal a season striker, given Ronaldo needs feeding. I’m thinking, maybe his outstanding play at the World Cup got him the rating boost? He was very underrated for France, was nearly top scorer (Despite playing a lot of time at Left Wing), and crushed it out there. If that’s the reason, sure I can buy it. Benzema’s always hovered around 85 anyway, so in anycase, no biggie.

Ultimate Team value: Benzema’s been a staple of La Liga and French teams too, so again, no surprises here really, he’ll be played a ton. 83 pace is enough to validate his entry spot, and he and Diego Costa worked well alongside each other, with Benzema also having 4-stars for a weak foot and skills. His value was 750-8,000 last year, I’d expect a small increase to go with his rating increase.

32 – Thibaut Courtois, Goalkeeper, Chelsea (86)


No surprises again, the retained Chelsea keeper keeps his 86 score for a very solid first Premier League season. I expect it to continue given his consistently strong play, as long as Charlie Adam isn’t posessed with trying to score from 70 yards again. Not much else to really say here, except… I wonder where David De Gea is? Is he in the 30-21 section, or has he been nerfed after the 83-86 increase through FIFA 15’s lifespan? Hmm…

Ultimate Team value: Not sure on this one. Not because Courtois isn’t amazing, but because of the league he’s in. His range was pretty high for a keeper in 3-4,000 to 13-14,000 on both sides, but this is a league with Petr Cech, David De Gea, Hugo Lloris and Joe Hart in it. So you kinda have to ask, is Courtois really worth the extra money? We’ll see. Sometimes being the “more money than sense” option is okay.

31 – Paul Pogba, Centre Midfielder, Juventus (86, +2)


Wow. When was the last time a player this young was in the Top 50? This is the kind of move where I feel EA have done this on purpose to upset the apple cart and get some people talking. And I think that’s worked out, given this column! No, Pogba shoud not have gotten this 2 point increase. I really don’t think he’s as great as many WANT him to be, and I refuse to say he’s in the same class as Vidal, Bastian, Yaya, etc. I think slow rolling him and keeping him at 84 was fine, maybe 85 at a push. This screams like a marketing power play to me, and the funny thing is, it’s probably worked.

Ultimate Team value: With Carlos Tevez now gone, Paul Pogba will be THE headline player of Serie A. His 3-13,000 price range will shoot up as a result of this, because he’ll be the guy you’ll want to build your Serie A, or French Team around. And why wouldn’t he be, he’s a FIFA players wet dream – Size, strength, speed, a monster from range, a player who loves to drive forward with High/Medium workrates… There’s a lot to love here. Seriously, Pogba may have saved Serie A from complete irrelevance in FIFA 16’s Ultimate Team. Expect a 15,000 range. Minimum.

So, again, a couple of surprises, but the staples of the series are starting to come through. I got a hunch we’re going to see down downgraded 87’s in the next part of the list. Let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings!