“Full metal jacket.”

And the series continues as we wind down positions 30-21 on the list. Again, usual replies, and if you want to catch up with the rest of the list so far, check out the previous sections below:

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30 – Diego Costa, Striker, Chelsea (86, +1)


Okay, little surprised by this one. I thought he was going to be kept at 85, and just not quite make the Top 50, so the +1 boost and 86 rating is a small surprise. But, he was one of the best players in the Premier League last season, so a 1 point boost, following on from his superb final season in Spain, so sure, I can buy the +1 on this one. Always said he was the centrepiece finisher that Chelsea needed and he’s validated that so far in his BPL career.

Ultimate Team value: This all depends on his range. If his price is even semi-reasonable, he’ll see play. Costa is as complete a striker in FIFA as you can get without having to remortgage your house. His range in last year’s game was 750-8,000/9,000, and I’d expect an increase for this year’s game, but I think anything less than 20,000 and he’ll see play. Costa’s a beast, now more than ever.

29 – Sergio Busquets, Defensive Midfielder, FC Barcelona (86, +1)


About time the best Defensive Midfielder in the world got his true credit again. Totally okay with the +1 on this one, Barcelona went all the way this season, and Busquets remains a very important part of the team and a big part of the reason they succeeded, so yeah, 86 is perfect in my eyes. Shame his 77 passing is so low, but that’s the nature of FIFA grouping average scores (Which for passing, includes Free Kicks and Crossing)

Ultimate Team value: Yeah, he’ll probably be in nearly every La Liga team, especially given his cheaper option in Sami Khedira, now plays for Juventus. The range backs that up at a mere 750-6,000. And why wouldn’t you pick Sergio Busquets if you feature a defensive mid or two?

28 – Kevin De Bruyne, Attacking Midfielder, Manchester City (86, +3)


All aboard the KdB hype train! Again, I was a little surprised at this one, I felt they would carry over his buffed FIFA 15 rating of 85, and that he would just miss out on the Top 50. But they’ve given him another point and turned into a bonafide Top 5 playmaker in the game, which is probably fair given he had more assists than anyone than Europe’s major leagues last season. There’s me saying FIFA don’t normally buy into form, but from the start of FIFA 15 until now, KdB’s rating was already 81 and he’s shot up by 5 since then! I love KdB, but even I think 86 is pushing it. Do you really wanna go that far for a guy who’s had one prolific season?

Ultimate Team value: Oh yeah, he’s seeing play. In fact, if David Silva is on the Left Midfield spot again, he’ll be the go to Attacking Midfielder in the Premier League this season. Completely ignore his 150-6,000 range from last year, it’s completely irrelevant. His range will be at least 10,000, this card looks outrageous.

27 – Carlos Tevez, Striker, Boca Juniors (86, +1)


Welcome home, Carlos Tevez. Now, I had a theory with Paul Pogba, hat Juventus players were going to get a buff in ratings because of them making the Champions League final, but this one should have been justified regardless. Carlos Tevez was superb for Juventus this past season, scoring 29 goals in 47 games, and was a huge reason as to why they won their 4th straight Scudetto. Completely okay with the 86 score on this one. Heck, even 87 I wouldn’t have minded too much.

Ultimate Team value: Next to nothing. I don’t see very many Argentina league teams, and the only chance he’ll see play, is if people like their Argentina teams. But I think players like this could inspire that to happen more often. I mean, how many 31 year olds have 87 pace for crying out loud?! And what’s better, is that his range will definitely stink too. Di Maria, Higuain, Tevez front 3 sounds nice, eh? He’s the new version of FIFA 13 Santos Neymar. He’ll be amazing to use, but because he plays in a really obscure league, it’s gonna be a task to actually make him useful.

26 – David De Gea, Goalkeeper, Manchester United (86, +1)


Yeah, no arguments here. He’s the best keeper in the world not named Manuel, and in my opinion, if you’re rating Courtois as an 86, you’re probably obligated into doing the same for DDG as well. He was outrageous last season, and take it from me, he was the reason United got back into the Champions League last season, more than anything else.

Ultimate Team value: It’ll probably be pretty big, but if he had gone to Real Madrid, it would have been even bigger, given that La Liga now has next to no options for really good goalkeepers right now, with Claudio Bravo’s 83 being the best of the bunch. As opposed to the BPL, where you’re STACKED for keeper options, which drags everyone else down a bit. If I had to guess – Something like 5,000-15,000 makes sense to me.

25 – Alexis Sanchez, Left Winger, Arsenal (86, +1)


Again, no arguments here either. Alexis Sanchez had a superb first season in the Premier League, validating his strong 85 rating in Spain, despite not being a frequent starter. 20+ goals from the wings for Arsenal was extremely good and that’s what made him a shortlisted player for BPL player of the year. Will be curious to see if that continues for this season onwards, but for now, yep, 86 is perfect.

Ultimate Team value: Big. It was already strong in FIFA 15 (3,000 to 13,000 on PS, 5,000 to 15,000 on Xbox). And now, to make him even better, he’s a Left Winger, which while make a genuine alternative to Hazard, given he too, can now cut into his superior right foot. I think he’ll be 10-20,000, but we’ll see what happens.

24 – Franck Ribery, Left Midfielder, Bayern Munich (87, -1)


I called this one! I said to my brother that Ribery would drop a tad, and I was right. Ribery wasn’t particularly bad or anything last season, but the injuries did add up and kept him on the sidelines last season, only playing 23 games last season, in all competitions. Bit of a harsh drop for that reason alone, but I guess FIFA were also taking age into account, given Franck’s now 32. And on that basis, an 87 rating is still insane, relatively speaking.

Ultimate Team value: Interesting. This is one of the first real “Elite” cards in Ultimate Team, with a price range to boot (35,000-55,000 on PS, 30,000-45,000 on Xbox), so I’d expect that to take a hit… BUT, he’s also the best left winger in Germany, so will people put him on the market to actually sell? And will that affect the price? I think 87 pace is still more than enough for him to see play if available to people. This is one of the cards I’m going to keep a very close eye on.

23 – Gareth Bale, Right Midfielder, Real Madrid (87)


People aren’t going to like this one. Be real here fans – Was Gareth Bale REALLY that bad last season, or are you just disappointed he’s not Ronaldo 2.0? 17 goals in 44 games really isn’t that bad a haul for a winger, in the same offence as Cristiano Ronaldo, and in a team with a LOT of mouths to feed. Franck Ribery’s Ballon D’Or contending year, was a year where he scored 16. Call off the dogs, Gareth is fine at 87. Maybe 86 if you really wanna be harsh, but he’s still an incredible complete attacking player, not to mention, because of his former LB days, his DEFENSIVE ratings are much higher than the average player, a very good 63 in fact. That’s always going to make his rating look better than what it is.

Ultimate Team value: HUGE. Gareth Bale was another ridiculously expensive card in FUT15 (100k-160k on PS, 70-110k on Xbox), so expect the same here. What more do you need me to tell you, he’s Gareth freakin’ Bale. He’s an Ultimate Team player’s wet dream.

22 – Robert Lewandowski, Striker, Bayern Munich (87)


FIFA’s new marketing toy, keeps his 87 rating for another. Goal wise, about on par with his Dortmund career, 25 goals in 49 games, slightly down, but nothing to upset the apple cart, and it was a new club. Not to mention, he scored some spectacular goals in the Bundesliga, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I was hovering back and forth between 86 and 87 on ol’ Robert, so sure, keep the status quo. Think he needs another big season though, because I’m still not fully convinced he’s better than even Thomas Muller behind him…

Ultimate Team value: He’s the best striker in the Bundesliga, so buy default, he’ll be looked at, and he’s relatively cheap for his ability as well, last year, ranging between 9k and 19k, so again, I think we’ll see the same here.

21 – Giorgio Chiellini, Centre Back, Juventus (87, +3)