“The good stuff.”

Okay, now we’re getting to the really nitty gritty stuff now. Positions 20-11 on the deck, and if you’ve missed anything, check out the links below to catch up with anything you may have missed:

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20 – Philipp Lahm, Defensive Midfielder, Bayern Munich (87)


Ergh, I’ve had it with Philipp Lahm being labelled as a Defensive Midfielder, when he clearly isn’t. Pep fooled the world into thinking the devil was him playing as a Defensive Midfielder down the middle of the park, instead of at right back. SO much infact, that Joachim Low did the same thing at the World Cup… and got exposed. Please FIFA, put him back to Right Back where he belongs. No-one wants Pep Guardiola as a Hipster being on top. He’s like that kid who got 99/100 on his essay and looks all smug about it, until you realize he stole the answer book before the exam. It’s Lahm, 87 is fine.

Ultimate Team value: Look, Lahm is the kind of player who will do amazing in any position he plays, as he’s the best tackler in the game. And the good news is, you can get him. His price range last year was 750-8/9,000, and I don’t expect that to change very much at all. Like I said, it’s Lahm. You know what you’re getting. Still think he’d be more valuable as a Right Back though.

19 – Luka Modric, Centre Midfielder, Real Madrid (87)


Well, well, Luka’s still here at 87. And probably for the best. He’s 30 next week, so he may not be able to maintain this rating for much longer, but given he only played 25 games last season, as opposed to 50 in his breakout season of 13-14, I think it’s only fair he keeps his 87 rating for this season, and seeing what happens. As for me, Luka was one of the most important players in the Madrid season, and for me, one of the biggest reasons that Real cleaned house a season ago.

Ultimate Team value: Modric has always been brilliant in Ultimate Team, but I think that he’s the kind of player where his cardweight and frequency pulled has always had a negative effect on his value. His range last year for that very reason was 750-9,000 and again, unless they jack his pull rate up, I think it’ll be the same. I’m not complaining though – Modric is an affordable player. What’s not to love?

18 – Mesut Ozil, Attacking Midfielder, Arsenal (87, +1)


No, I won’t put the Full Metal Jacket video back here again, the scary thing is, this is only 3rd on the pile for questionable changes. Now, I’m not saying Ozil was bad per ce, but on pure numbers, he had 4 goals and 5 assists. Only one more total than what Radamal Falcao did for Manchester United. Ozil’s play was more than that for sure, but I never looked at him off of last season and thought: “That guy needs an upgrade”. I don’t think he’s better than Sanchez at the moment anyway. I think it’s more of a marketing ploy than anything else to make some of the BPL cards more desirable. See more next…

Ultimate Team value: Just like with Modric, a player with a much higher cardweight than stats would suggest. A 7,000 max value on his FIFA 15 card kinda backs that up. It’ll be higher this year for sure, the problem is again, there’s more options now with Kevin De Bruyne, and David Silva has yet to be revealed yet. That’ll drop Ozil faster than a whore’s drawers.

17 – Sergio Ramos, Centre Back, Real Madrid (87)


Ah, back to the status quo. Sergio Ramos despite him being a slimey douchebag, is still one of the best, most complete Centre Backs in World Football, and there was no reason at all to me, to lower his rating from 87. His pace is still insane too at 79. Yikes. Not much more to say on this one, Ramos is still Ramos, and the world still turns.

Ultimate Team value: One of the game’s biggest and most expensive defensive players, and I’d expect that to continue. His value last year, was between 21,000 and 30,000 on Xbox, and between 25,000 and 40,000 on PS, and I think that’s about right, especially with an upgraded Pique as an alternative. But he’s still the premier CB out of Spain, and that’ll make him very expensive regardless. And he doesn’t have anything near Pique’s pull-rate.

16 – Cesc Fabregas, Centre Midfielder, Chelsea (87, +2)


15 – Jerome Boateng, Centre Back, Bayern Munich (87, +1)


He’d have been 88 if it wasn’t for this:

RIP Boateng’s ankles. Don’t worry, he’s still really good.

Ultimate Team value: He’s 87. He’s German. He plays for Bayern. Need I say more? 10,000 MINIMUM here for me. Probably more. He’s a monster.

14 – Toni Kroos, Centre Midfielder, Real Madrid (87, +2)


Crikey. I love me some Toni Kroos, but I’m not sure if he’s in the same picture as the two other Real midfielders in this 20-11 section. Maybe the 86 as a slow burner would be more appropriate here, but yeah, I’m not totally against this one here. Kroos is a beast and one underlooked beast for Madrid, so I get it. At least FIFA gave him the acknowledgement he deserves for making the La Liga TOTS. Real Madrid’s midfield three now averages 87. That’s scary.

Ultimate Team value: Wonder if people will be put off by his lack of pace, ala Bastian? Hmm. He was only a 6,000 max value card last season, that HAS to be go up, surely? I think the problem will be though, that Modric and Rodriguez’s increased speed will make them more desirable, and I think you’ll see more Kroos’ on the market. So we’ll see.

13 – James Rodriguez, Attacking Midfielder, Real Madrid (87, +1)


Yep, this one I agree with. James Rodriguez had double digit goals and assists for Real Madrid on his debut season with the team. And some of these moments were spectacular. Who needs Di Maria eh? After back-to-back brilliant seasons at the highest level, I think the 87 is deserved and worthy here. Also, I’ve not spoken about Career Mode very much in this list, but his potential in that mode last year was a 92. Think about that one for a minute.

Ultimate Team value: See Kroos’s section. Only times the range by 4.

12 – Sergio Aguero, Striker, Manchester City (87, +1)


No, no, no. This has happened every year for the last 3 years. They also lowball Aguero, then act surprised when he’s still really bloody good, and then bump him up afterwards. WHY? He was the Golden Boot winner in the BPL last season, and scored 32 goals in 42 games for City this past season. 88 should be the minimum here, I’m tired of FIFA not giving him his due credit. Still, I ain’t even mad, Sergio’s just plotting his way into that 90 club:

Ultimate Team value: It’s going to be massive. The only reason it isn’t 100,000+, is because the BPL is the most commonly used league. His range for his upgraded 87 was already big (40-60k/37.5-55k), and again, probably more of the same here. And he’s the rare case of the cardweight matching up with the value. Aguero is a monster, say no more.

11 – Andres Iniesta, Centre Midfielder, FC Barcelona (88, -1)


This one is spot on for me. Andres had been due a drop of some kind, and I don’t think he ever quite matched up to the lofty 90 ratings he used to normally get, but I think 88 is fine for now. I don’t think he’s quite the guy he once was, but I also think he’s found himself a bit again, now Xavi’s moved on. I watch his 2015-16 season with a lot of curiosity.

Ultimate Team value: Still gonna be pretty good. Had a peculiar time in FUT15 with a 1-11,000 range, but I’d expect that to be a bit better this time around. They can’t make an 88 rated player that easy to obtain, right? And Iniesta is still a phenomenal player, and the Finesse Shot trait makes him a really nice CAM still, so, I think he’ll be fine.

So, the Top 10 comes out a bit later today, and here’s my prediction of how it’ll look:

Neymar – 88
David Silva – 88
Thiago Silva – 88
Hazard – 88
Neuer – 89
Ibrahimovic – 90
Suarez – 90
Robben – 90
Ronaldo – 93
Messi – 94

We’ll find out how many I got right, later. Until then, thanks for reading!